Mark Zuckerberg Honored With A Degree At Harvard University 

Last few days has really been an interesting one for the CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg as he jouneyed back to his old school where the facebook dream all started.

Earlier this week, Mark and his wife Priscilla visited his old university 14yrs after leaving the school to pursue his dream in social networking. Doing the visit, Mark shared a video on his facebook account of himself and his wife Priscilla visiting his old dormitory room in Harvard University where he described the facebook dream started. 

According to him,  he wrote the first program for facebook right inside that room on a desk closer to a single lone bed inside the dormitory.
It was quite remarkable experience for the couple as they share there experiences and memories in Harvard. 

Early today, Mark Zuckerberg shared a lovely picture of him, his mum and someone assume to be a professor in Harvard University with Mark having a Degree Certificate and a convocation gown. He tagged the picture;

“Mum I told you that I will come back to get my degree”  
It’s certain that the journey to Harvard was to gain his Degree Certificate. 

Congratulations to you #Mark_Zucherberg an inspiration to our generation.


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