Man Apprehended For Stealing Co-workers Phone and Atm (The reason will shock you)

A Young man named Favour Nwafor from Ute-Ogbeje community in Delta state has been arrested by the police for stealing his co-workers phone and ATM card while they where on duty.

Before Mr favour was arrested, he has already withdrawn over #115,000 from his co-workers account who was identified as Mr Marvellous Okoh from Agbor, delta state. 

After much interrogation from the polic, Mr favour confessed that he stole the ATM card and phone from Mr okoh while they where working at a building site there in Delta stat. It was reported that the young man Mr Favour before he was blown open, was assisting Mr Okoh in looking for the phone and the ATM card while he was having it, until the CCTV camera from the ATM he made the withdrawal revealed his identity. On how he got the pin of the ATM card, he said from the phone. It seems the young man is a very smart person. 
When he was asked his reason for such act he simply said that because he wants to travel to South Africa and he needs to raise funds by any means. 


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