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(HenryEvans) : Nigeria Should Divide IF… (Read) 

For day’s now, I have been observing the chantings and angers of the South easterners concerning the failed system of Government we have here in Nigeria. The igbo’s are crying and screaming, the Yoruba’s are gradually starting there own agitations beneath, the Hausa’s are not left aside and all these makes me to ask “Which Way Nigeria”?


For the past one week or two,  I have spent so much time watching some YouTube videos of these agitations from the IPOB people and just recently I came across a video clip by some group of Yoruba’s building up themselves to start up if not already started protest because of the failed system.
I read in news everyday and the story keeps repeating itself. This is what happens when some section of the country decides to feel more superior than the rest
I was never of opinion that Nigeria should divide or war.  My post was just that the government should pay attention to the agitations hence it’s getting serious as the minds of an average igbo man have been infected. It’s clear with the happenings around us.  
I never said we should divide all I meant was that urgent attention needs to be employed to comb what is going on.  
The truth is that 80% reason’s why it looks like majority of the igbo masses are in support of this Biafra is because of the government negligence in addressing some issues.. 
The truth is that an Igbo Man don’t want to hear that his brother was killed or maltreated without any proper action taken.. That was the major point that was employed by Nnamdi Kanu.  
He used the killings in the north,  the Fulani herdsmen attacks,  the Buhari administration negligence in the Igbo’s to hold the Minds of the majority.
Check this out since last year till this moment there have been a ceaseless attacks by these herdsmen in places like Enugu, Abia, and imo with other parts of the country that lead to the killings of innocent people. 

This people will come to your farm graze there cows destroy your plants and when they are been confronted they turn to violence and till now, the Federal government have not done anything to check the problem. 
Last time they invaded a school in Enugu pursued the students with there cows right inside the classrooms and nothing was done.
Secondly, look at the second Niger Bridge that was promised the easterners, Jonathan started it and today that project have been stopped.. 
Thirdly Nnamdi Kanu never imported ammunitions as he was accused. If you are following the trends.. The IPOB never had any violent protest all these while,  it has always been a peaceful protest but the men of the Nigerian police always fight them back which resulted to the killings of there innocent member’s and they never fought back.. (Tell me if your relative was killed because he was exercising his/her right to protest without violence and u hear that they want to start a struggle that will separate you from the people that killed him,  won’t u succumb?) 
The other time, the Arewa youths made a threat by giving the Igbo’s ultimatum to leave there place and today no arrest has been made after the governor promised that he will look into it. Everything has died off. 
These people will come into a Christian gathering and start destroying things and fighting them and because of Christ the church won’t fight back and you tell me they want this one Nigeria to stand? 
Now with all these things, this is just the few of a lot of things that has been happening.. 

Now tell me if you are the one putting on this shoe and you hear or see someone who has promised to help your remove the shoe,  tell me won’t you allow him and go with him? 
This is the exact reason why lots of people seem to be in support of this Biafra you don’t have to blame them. 
You talk about one Nigerian, let’s face it. Which tribe practice this one Nigeria the most?  Which tribe can comfortably go to another man’s land and build a comfortable house even companies?  The Igbo’s are the only people that does that well.. There is no single company owned by an Hausa man or even Yoruba man in the east (I stand to be corrected)  but go to the North and the west, you will see how the Igbo’s are developing there lands.  So don’t say that the igbo’s don’t want Nigeria to stand or don’t believe in one Nigeria obviously they do because no igbo man would want to give up where his business and source of income comes from but there fears and worry is If the Nigerian government have a place for them,  if the northern forks really want them to stay.  These are the Genesis of this struggle.
Some people said that the igbo’s are riding to destruction and Biafra is not the solution. Well I quite agree that Biafra may not be the solution but my question is 


Should we then fold our hands and watch the government treat us the way they like because we are afraid of war or fight or to face them?  Some people talk about Restructuring and I asked;

“How do we start restructuring if we all are afraid to speak out? How do we restructure if nobody is talking?  

Now look at it, before the beginning of this Biafra struggle nobody was talking about restructuring. It was since the beginning of this struggle that the federal government remembers  that there is need to restructure. That is to say if this Biafra struggle didn’t rise up,  we will keep living as slaves to politicians politics. 

Yes we need to restructure 

Yes Biafra May not be the solution 

Yes war is never an option 

Yes One Nigeria is the best 

Yes love and unity is what we stand for
And yes who is ready to let it come to pass?  

Even if Biafra did not come to pass Atleast I am happy that for once the federal government had something that awakens there true callings. 

We say no to marginalisation. If Nigeria will be ONE!  Then let it be ONE and let the whole tribes come together and agree that it will be one. 
But if one sector of the country will keep feeling superior over others, 

if one sector will keep behaving like they got everything more than the others,  

If one sector will keep thinking that leadership and Nigerians destiny lies in there hands,  

If one Sector of the Country will keep acting like the own all the resources of this nation. 

If I can’t be happy and safe in any part of this nation because I am not from there and lastly; 

If the government is not willing to start taking responsibilities for there actions and stop blaming others for there failed effort. 

If the government is not willing to start treating everyone and every tribe equally and; 

If the government is not willing to start becoming accountable for every single life and welfare of its citizens then I will have no Choice than to say this… 

God Bless Nigeria!!

Timaya Turns Gospel  Singer At Glo Music Tour 


In what is seen as a funny moment doing the glo music tour in ibadan on sunday 25th June, the portharcourt born musician TIMAYA came up to the stage and thrill his fans with some Gosple songs and prophetic declarations. Not only did he perform, he also made some prophetic declarations with some bible quotations. We can say the young man will be very good in some pastoral duties.

Watch the video Below and Tap Into Timaya’s Ministrations.

Jewish Brother’s Reveals The Igbo’s True Identity

Owing to the prolong agitations and grieviences of the igbo’s known as the Biafran’s in the nation as a result of what was termed as “Marginalisation”  it has been rumored that the igbo race has a trace to the Jew’s as well as the Israelites. Well most people would likely argue or disagree to this rumor but the recent revelations by some Jewish brother’s that paid a visit to the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu known as IPOB has proven otherwise. As they revealed to him the true identity of the igbo’s with proves that the igbo’s are truly a Jew’s. 

A Facebook user, Chinasa Nworu, who shared the photos wrote: “Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was surprised to see where Igbos are written in the Torah. The Jewish faithful visited him showed him how Igbos are Jews and are written in the Torah before the wicked Britain deleted it from the English Bible.”

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Nigerian Rapper SauceKid Sentenced To 2yrs In Prison For Theft 

I think time has come when our musicians have to learn how to cut there coats according to there size.  The rate of crime mostly credit card scam and stealing just to impress the crowd has gotten to its peak. Just few weeks ago, a Nigerian singer Dammy Krane was arrested for credit card related crime and now it’s SauceKid.

Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, popularly known as Sauce Kid was sentenced this week to two years in federal prison for stealing $15,388 using stolen credit card numbers in Boise and Meridian, Idaho Stateman News reported on June 23. 

According to the charge, Sauce Kid obtained stolen bank card numbers and identifying information from their owners. He then encoded the account numbers onto blank plastic cards.

After using an automated system to change account PINs, he was able to withdraw cash from bank ATMS and buy merchandise from stores between July 23 and 26 2016/

All of the losses took place at Boise ATMs owned by Idaho Central Credit Union and at Albertsons stores in Meridian, court documents alleged.

Police arrested Sauce Kid at the Boise Airport as he was about to board a flight. He was caught with a card encoding device and more than $6,000 in cash.

Sauce Kid was initially charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, eight counts each of bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.

Source – Lindaikeji 

House Wife Divorce Husband Over Refusal To Attend Church


A housewife, Adenike Oladejo, has approached an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi Ibadan, seeking dissolution of her nine years marriage to her husband, Samuel Oladejo, over his refusal to attend Church with her.

Adenike, who testified in court on Friday, said she cried every day because of the kind of life her husband was living.

She said her husband was a drunk and always came home late, adding that
the plaintiff did not care about her welfare and the only child of the marriage.

She described the husband as “a stubborn and irresponsible family head who preferred spending his money on alcohol.

“I regret marrying him because my parents warned me not to marry him but I did not obey them due to the blind love I had for him.

“I pleaded with him on many occasions to be going to Church, with the aim of repenting from his bad ways of life but he refused.

“My Lord, separate us, I can no longer stay with a man who does not know God but live a sinful lifestyle.”

The defendant, who agreed to divorce the wife, however, accused her of abandoning him when he became broke.

He said “the court should grant her request but she did not seek for divorce when I had money and things were going on smoothly for me.

“It is now that she wants divorce because I hardly feed her and cater for her needs and our kid because I dont have the means.”

The president of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, dissolved the marriage, saying evidence of both parties proved that they both agreed to the separation.

Balogun also gave the custody of the only child of the marriage to the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to be paying N3,000 monthly for the upkeep of the child. (NAN).


Source – NTA News

Pictures : VP Osibanjo’s Consultation Meeting With State Governors


Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, consultation & Iftar meeting with State Governors discussing recent ethnic agitations between North & South-East groups while exploring how to address all the issues. 21st June 2017 at the State House Abuja.

Osinbajo, had earlier affirmed the readiness of the Federal Government to protect the territorial integrity of the country to the Northern Traditional Rulers, ahead of the meeting with all 36 State Governors to conclude his consultative sessions over certain ethnic agitations and exchanges between some groups in the South-East and the North.

The Acting President told the traditional rulers from the North at the Presidential Villa where he observed that traditional rulers play critical roles in the affairs of the nation.

Pictures of meeting with the State Governors below:









Source –