Real Madrid Wins The 2017 UEFA Champion League 

Real Madrid team has once again prove to the world that they still remain the king in the Europe by defeating Juventus in what can be describe as a shameful beating. Against all odds and predictions from mostly Barça fans against Madrid yet they stood strong as a team to break through juventus by beating them (4-1) to lift the title.

The opening goal was done by the man of the match #ChristianoRonaldo in the early minutes of the match landing there first shot on target inside the juventus net followed by Casemero’s outside the box shot that penetrated the net without obstruction and Ronanaldo leading the third goal completed by Marco Asensio. 

It was truly a wonderful game ended wonderfully in the favor of the Madrid warriors. Remember they where the champion’s last season so this wining it’s moreover known as #BackToBack wining for the great team.  With this,  we all know who the World Best Player is going to. #smiles.





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