(Viewers Discretion) : 7yrs Old Boy Beheaded By A Pastor In Ikorodu 

Wonders they say shall never end.  I came across this disturbing post on facebook and I decided to share it here for you to read. The rate of crime in this country especially among religion is really becoming disturbing. This is a true life story that happened in Lagos.  

Read the story below :
I just left the Sagamu Police Station now to bail a friend, that’s where i learnt that the little boy that was beheaded is about 7yrs of age, his father’s friend took him out to an unknown pastor around Odogunyan Ikorodu, who was reported to be on his heels now. 

The boy’s father asked his friend where his son was, he responded that he has already left him to come back home, which was a lie, I learnt they killed the boy and behead him around 2-4 this morning and buried his head underneath the altar of the said pastor’s church, the father’s friend was arrested then he confessed what they did with the boy, they exhumed the head and brought them all to the station. At the station they said the police said that they are waiting for the Lagos Commissioner of police.

The Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi said he will make sure the perpetrators and their sponsors must be brought to book.


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