Davido Builds House For His Little Fan “UTIBE”

The 30billion crooner OBO is at it again. You remember few weeks ago a video of a little boy “UTIBE” went viral on the social network for singing to Davido’s “IF” song even though the young boy wasn’t good with the song lines but there is a saying that when God wants to bless you, he will break protocols for your sake; i guess that was uitbe’s case. Out of the hundreds and thousands of fans that sang to that song, his decided to break grounds.

News with confirmation has it that after the popular video went viral, Davido reached out for the young boy by taking him back to school and providing them with lots of food stuff hence it was gathered that the young boy has been out from school because of finances. Davido took to his Instagram to appreciate the boy promising him that “He Gat Him For Life”. Thinking that the favor will stop there, OBO went further to start up a new house project for the young boy and his mother which he share the picture of the uncompleted house on his twitter account promising to come visit the boy once he get back from his ongoing world tour.


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