BankyW Advice Nigerian Artists Over Beef

The R&B singer BankyW took to his social media to advice his fellow artists over hate words on another. 

His post came shortly after wizkid threw shade on Tekno, calling him a “Duck Face” after he posted on his twitter on International Basis. Addressing the recent beefings in the industry which mostly involves Wizkid & Davido, BankyW said;

“What’s better than one billionaire? Two”

What’s better than one of our Artists conquering the world? Two? Three? 10?? All?? Wish we would all just quit the mud slinging and get back to pushing the movement forward.

When you’re running a race, if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks, you’ll never reach your destination OR you’ll get there much later than you should. And.. a mud fight may seem like fun, but in the end, everyone just comes out looking like shit.
Food for thought.”

I think time has come for our musicians to stop hating and embrace peace to learn how to work together. They need to learn from the comedy industry and grow up.


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