BlackFace Wishes 2face To Be Arrested For Song Theft

An event that took place many years ago is yet to fade away in the mind of the former plantation Boyz Band mate Blackface as he seeks legal law to back him up and drag his former band mate 2face for stealing his song “African Queen” even after every effort made by faze to settle the long ragging dispute against the two singers.

Blackface and 2face Idibia were part of the defunct group, Plantashun Boiz, which also featured Faze.

Blackface made this known doing his recent interview with Hiptv where he stated that the former band mate 2face was wrong for not acknowledging him for the role he played in writing the hit song “African Queen”.

Speaking on faze attempt in restoring peace among them he said;

“Faze is my friend and he is going to do his own bit. But, one thing that he does not know is that who feels it, knows it. He didn’t write the song, I did. So he does not know what I am talking about. It is easy for him to call for peace. But then, it is the duty of the offender to apologise for his action. I can’t keep quiet about what happened because I haven’t offended anybody. I have not stolen anybody’s song.”

Speaking on infringement right policy, he said;

“Had the Federal Government introduced an appropriate punishment for stealing other people’s songs, many music artistes would be in trouble today. If the penalty required offenders to spend some years in jail, many so-called big artistes would be in prison by now.

“Some of them steal songs from fellow musicians based in the country or abroad and pass them off as their own. This is very bad for culture and the creative sector. It is also bad enough for the honest and hardworking Nigerian artiste who goes through a lot of trouble to survive.’

”Whatever the government decides, the courts are there to ensure that justice prevails. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you will have to accept the consequence of your actions.”

It looks like the singer is yet to let the sleeping dog be. We hope the two resolves there dispute but meanwhile 2face has donated all the proceeds from his concert to the IDP’s.



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