Justin Bieber Quit Music To Re-dedicate His Life To Christ

Just two weeks after cancelling his remaining tour, rumour has it that Justin Bieber could be at the verge of leaving the entire music industry for his religion.

According to people in Justin’s inner circle he still plans to record new music and get back to touring when the time is right.

As of now, he hasn’t made any new music or set his sights on a specific date to return to music, but he does plan to return to his artistic side.


Justin Bieber made a lot of headlines this week after the singer abruptly canceled the rest of his Purpose tour. Sources connected to the 23-year-old singer say that the reason for pulling the plug on the rest of his tour was so he “could rededicate his life to Christ.” There were even rumors that Justin could be done with music entirely all so that he could focus on his religion.

Justin Bieber’s involvement in the Hillsong Church has been widely reported. Over the last two years, he’s been very involved in the Hillsong Church and gotten extremely close to his pastor, Carl Lentz. In fact, Justin has become estranged from both his mother and father, and with their absence in his life, Justin looks at Carl as a father figure.

TMZ said that during Justin’s two-year Purpose tour, Carl often traveled to visit Justin, as Justin struggled with feelings of loneliness on his extended tour. The reported also claimed that Carl became “a guiding presence in Justin’s life.”

One look at social media, and you it’s clear how important both the Hillsong Church and Carl Lentz are to Justin.


Source – MSN NEWS


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