Senate Orders The Arrest Of 30 Firms CEO’s Over Revenue Loss


The senate house have summoned over 60 companies for questioning regarding some revenue loss over the tune of 30trillion naira but reported has it that out of over 60 companies that was invited by the senate house that only 33 of them showed up while others refused to answer the invitation of which Globalcom Telecommunication is included.

The chairman of the Senate Joint Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff and Marine Transport Senator Hope Uzodimma doing the committee meeting on Friday 4th August has ordered for the arrest of the 30 remaining CEO’s describing there refusal to honour the senate invitation as being disrespectful he said;

“It is no longer going to be business as usual.

“We have directed the Nigeria Police to arrest the heads of the firms and bring them before us.

“If we can suspend our recess as lawmakers to see to the end of this investigation, I see no reason why the firms that have been indicted will not come to defend themselves.”

The companies include Globacom mobile, Crown Flour Mills, British American Tobacco, CCECC, Dana Group, Olam Int. Ltd., Hong Xing Steel Co. Ltd., Visafone, African Wire, Star Comments and Allied Ltd. and Aarti Steel Nig. Ltd, Abyem-Diva Int. Ltd., Gagasel Int., Friesland Capina, Etco Nig., Edic Chemicals and Allied Distributors, De United Foods, Don Climax Group, Skill G Nig. Ltd., Premium Seafood and La Rauf Nig. Ltd, Standard Metallurgical Co. Ltd., Kam Industries, IBG Investment Ltd., Orazulike Trading Co. Ltd., Popular Foods Ltd., A-Kelnal Integrated & Logistics Services, African Industries, African Tiles & Ceramics and ZTE Nigeria.

These companies is said to have been involved in a 30 trillion naira revenue loss in the maritime sector.


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