Breaking News : More Than 20 People Killed At ST. Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu Today

This is a breaking news coming from Ozubulu in Anambra state this morning. This attacked was carried out by some unknown gunmen leaving over 20 people dead and several others wounded inside St Philip Catholic Church Umuezekwe Ofufe Amakwa Ozubulu this morning doing the morning mass.

We just received this report from one of our reporters from Anambra state. According to an eye witness report, it was said that the gunmen actually came to assassinate a Billionaire son of the clan Chief Alloysius Ikegwuonu (a.k.a BISHOP EBUBECHUKWUZO 1 OF OZ) but unfortunately for them they met his absent and they came inside church close to his domain to ransack for him all to no avail, and they start shooting sporadically on the congregation thereby leaving not less than 20 persons dead and numerous were injured including the BISHOP father who was shot on his hand.

This is truly a black sunday for the people of Ozubulu as the incident has thrown the community into mourning. The police have started gathering reports and investigations towards the attack.

In a added comment, another reporter states the actual cause of the attack which can best be describe as the clash of the Titans. The reporter said; 

The Shootings That Happened Inside The Anambra Church Today was as a result of an Ongoing Drug war Between 2 Igbo Drug Lords based in south africa, the killers came to avenge the death of one of their Gang members who was killed by a popular Rival drug dealer in Ozubulu known as Alloy Ebubechukwuzo Aka Bishop, Ebubechukwuzo is also the person Who single handedly built that church (St. Philip), So the attackers went to his house this morning to kill him and when they couldn’t find him they drove into the Catholic church he built and when they still couldnt find him they went on rampage going on a shooting spree Opening fire at the Church members killing many including Ebubechukwuzo’s father and even a new born baby
May the souls of the faithful rest in perfect peace ..Amen!!


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