Between Messi & C.Ronaldo Who Did The Shirt Celebration Better?

Real Madrid faced Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, which Madrid won 3-1. Ronaldo scored the go-ahead goal and was eventually sent off, but before he exited the match, he made a lasting impression on the fans in attendance.

Back in April when Lionel Messi scored the winning goal for Barcelona in a 3-2 victory at the Santiago Bernabeu, Messi took off his shirt and held it up in front of the Madrid fans. The celebration remains one of the Argentine’s most iconic moments.


C Ronaldo at the other hand have been waiting for the best opportunity to reciprocate Messi’s celebration and it looks like the opportunity finally shows itself at the camp nou yesterday night with the wonderful 1-3 win against Barcelona with Ronaldo opening the go ahead goal few minutes after he came into the pitch doing the second half of the Spanish super cup.

However, Ronaldo clearly remembered that moment and returned the favour to Messi and Barcelona on Sunday.


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