Another Bomb Attack In Maiduguri

A suspected female suicide bombing according to Reuters staged a fresh attack at a market in Konduga, a village near the ancient city of maiduguri in Borno state. The suicide bomber as reported detonated the bomb on her in the market killing more than 30 people and wounded scores of people over 83.


Two other suicide bombers also reportedly blew themselves up at the gate of an internally displaced person (IDP) camp thou no death was recorded but people where injured.

The attack came not less than 24hrs after the leader of the Boko Haram sect released a video dicing president Buhari and the former president Goodluck Jonathan. The leader also threatened the city of maiduguri with this statement;

“You are finished! You the people of Maiduguri, we will finish you for choosing the way of the infidels, for embracing democracy,”the sect leader had said in the video.

Meanwhile the men of the Nigerian army have been given a time flame to capture the boko haram leader.


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