Some Facts You Need To Know About Bright Echefu, The CEO Of TSTV 

If you been following the recent trends/News, you should be familiar with the name TSTV. Well TSTV like DSTV is a new satellite cable designed by a Nigerian which will soon hit the wave very soon hence alot of Nigerians are already anticipating for the full commencement of the satellite cable. 

On the 1st of October this year the company launched this satellite cable which is meant to cover over 100 amazing channels hence will be use in the bases of pay as you use unlike the already existing DSTV. After its launch, the CEO through there website made the public announcement that the full distribution of the decoder will commence fully by the the first week of November and has also promised to release over 5,000 decoders to people at different states of the federation for test run on its signal strength.

While you are awaiting the full release of this wonderful cable, you might want to know more things about this young Nigerian who made this dream a possibility. 

Below are some of the known fact about the CEO of TSTV Bright Echefu.

This is the complete profile of the CEO/OWNER of TStv. We thought we should give you an insight on the man behind the greatest Revolution the television sector in Nigeria is about to experience.

BRIGHT ECHEFU IKECHUKWU hails from Obowo, in Imo state of Nigeria. He was born on the 11th of November. He is in his late 30’s. He resides in Abuja with his family.


Dr. Bright Echefu was at the Medical college of university of Nigeria Nsukka from where he left to pursue further studies abroad. He is also a Biomedical Engineer by practice.


He is the MD/CEO of Bricke and Athens Limited, owners of AHTV- Health Television.

AHTV-Health Television founded in 2014 is Africa’s first 24 hour Health Television Channel. AHTV is one of the new fastest growing privately owned digital TV Channels. It broadcasts via satellite on Startimes, SES 5, Astra 2G/2F and AMOS 5. AHTV broadcasts on full High Definition as a free to air channel and had plans to make an entry into DSTV and GOTV Platform. AHTV is transforming television broadcasting from beyond news reports to a blend of topical specialized news reporting, documentaries and programs on health with health professionals offering first class expertise. It specializes on Health News, Health Research Promotion, Media, and Health Informatics with his first wife, CYNDY ECHEFU(late) as the Managing Director. 

He is also the chairman of Briechberg Investment Limited, owners of Bright FM. He also seat in the board of Bright Joy Multiventures Limited. 

Echefu Bright Ikechukwu was also the Executive Director, New World Foundation and the Program Coordinator, New World Summit on Infectious Diseases (NWSID 2009).


He is formerly married to Cindy Echefu (nee Nzeribe).  Cindy died on 3rd of August 2015, at the age of 28, while pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Dr. Bright Echefu, engaged his wife’s best friend Florence Esu, four months after the friend died during pregnancy. The pair got engaged on December 19, 2015.  Florence however took to Social Media to announce that she was never engaged to Bright. The former beauty queen(Queen of Aso, equivalent of Miss Abuja) made this announcement on January 22, 2016.

Bright Echefu found love again and this time in the warm hands of fair complexioned and beautiful Gift Chukwuocha. The new couple got engaged within two months, March 16th 2016.

Awards / Achievements

Echefu Bright is a recipient of many awards including the 3rd African Young Scientist Award in South Africa, Youngest Physician Award of Excellence, World Who is Who Endorsement and twenty two others.

He belongs to many professional organizations including, the Nigerian Biotechnology Society, Nigerian Society of Genetic Engineers, Global Youth Coalition on AIDS, UN Volunteers, Unicef Voices of the Youths, The World Parliament Experiment, the Nigeria Medical Association and so on.



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