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Tinubu : We Will Fight Against Coup Attempt 

The APC national leader and the formar governor of Lagos State Bola Tinubu in his recent speech has vowed that Nigerians will resist any attempt by any part of the military to carry out coup. This is coming up few days after the President left the country for another Medical issues in London regarding his long ailment. According to Tinubu, some politicians he said has been secretly meeting up with some military officer to take over power from the President since he left the country. 

Mean while Roni Omokiri in his recent facebook post mocked the attempt of the Buhari administration to prevent any coup from happening reminding the people on how buhari carried coup against Shagari. 

Read his post below;

I am against any coup and will rise against it, but is it not ironic that the government of Muhammadu Buhari, a man who staged a coup against a democratically elected President Shagari today warns against coups? Only the guilty are afraid. Can you imagine where Nigeria would have been if an over ambitious Buhari had not toppled a government he swore by the constitution to defend? Under Shagari the Naira was 50 kobo to a dollar. Electric power was almost constant and NEPA would announce before taking power. Nigeria Airways and Nigeria National Shipping Line were thriving. FG NEVER owed salary for even one day. Yet Buhari toppled that government and said Shagari was bad. Today they are by far WORSE than Shagari in terms of performance. If you are one of those children who were deceived by the APC’s lies, go and ask your father if I am lying!

My Husband Is In Good Health : Aisha Buhari

The first Lady of the federation madam Aisha Buhari has come out to deny the speculations and publications of most media sites concerning the health of her husband President Buhari. Recently, Nigerians noticed that the president have hardly made public appearance for some weeks now and that fueled some agitations and fear over the citizens concerning the health of Mr president.


To this regard, the wife of the president on 2nd of May made several tweets revealing to Nigerians that the health of Mr president is not as bad as Nigerians sees it.

Read Her Tweets Below;

lets continue to pray for the quick recovery of Mr President.